What to Do if You Got An Abortion Research Paper Assignment?

A very controversial topic right now in political and religious circles is the issue of abortion. Although many sectors are adamantly against it, pro-choice advocates are strongly making a case about making it legal.

Because it is a current issue, many teachers - whether for religion, humanities, philosophy, or even English - assign a paper about it. One reason is for students to become more aware of the situation as one day they may be asked to rally against or support it. Another reason is for the student to develop better critical analysis and writing skills.

So if you have been asked to make such a paper, read on to learn what to do.

  1. Consider the different angles about abortion

Although this paper often requires you to give your stance, it is not just about whether you like it or not. You will be asked to investigate the different angles about abortion that make it complex. So you should consider some of these questions before you write.

  • Does life really begin at conception?
  • When should a fetus be considered a “person”?
  • Is it better to allow an unwanted fetus to live even if it ends up neglected in the end?
  • Should abortion be considered murder?
  1. Gather researches about it

Your teacher will require you to cite evidence from experts in the field. So ensure you can get at least three resources per side about it. These will help prove your point.

  1. Make an outline

If you do not write essays often, it is easy to get lost while you write. To ensure your paper includes everything and stays logical, you should make an outline before you begin writing. This outline will contain the key points for your Intro, Body, and Conclusion that you will follow.

  1. Cite your references

A good paper makes use of facts, theories, and important statements by experts in the different parts of the paper. This tells the reader that everything written is not just your opinion. 

Usually, teachers ask for each argument to be supported by at least one reference.

  1. Begin and end strongly

Although the strength of the paper is in the arguments presented in the middle, a great paper starts and ends strongly as well. For your Introduction, this means you will need a good “hook” to catch your reader’s attention. This could be a very interesting fact or a catchy quote. For your Conclusion, you ought to end with a strong line to drive home your point.

  1. Proofread everything

Once everything is done, the last step is to proofread everything. Despite a very good paper with great arguments, if your work is filled with typos, there will be a deduction in score. When you proofread, you may even notice that you made a mistake in logic or left something out. So do a thorough once over before submission.


An assignment about abortion is something you may expect to receive. So take a look at the hints above to help you make your research, or buy term paper online, if the topic seems too difficult or dull to you .

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