Hints for a Research Paper: Cyberbullying Effects

Society has been plagued with the same set of evils since times immemorial- racism, sexism, violence and abuse, drugs and alcohol, are just a few of them. The 21st century, however, was hailed as the beacon of hope for the world what with its introduction of wide-scale technology, especially social media sites, which made the world considerably smaller by increasing connectivity among people. While this could have meant the eradication of most of mankind’s problems, as we all know now, a darker side of the human race chose to emerge, instead. Thus, arose a problem typical to this era- cyberbullying.

Outline the effects elaborately

The cyberbullying research paper outline that you prepare for your own paper, must include the scope of mentioning and discussing the effects of it. Simply stating them is not enough. Your objective should be to make the readers of your paper feel the effects and for that, you need to include survivor testimonies, testimonies of family members of those who lost their lives to it, detail both the emotional as well as the physical effects and trauma of those victimised.

What causes cyberbullying?

Your cyberbullying research paper outline must also venture into the causes that are instrumental in creating a cyberbully.

  • The fact that gives a cyberbully the courage to be brave enough to corner a person on the Internet is the fact that he is assured of his anonymity.
  • Most cyberbullies are later found to be individuals coming from broken homes, individuals whose romantic advances have been turned down more than once, individuals who are insecure about their physical appearances, and so on and so forth.
  • Cyberbullies, usually, prey on figures, who they know are more susceptible than them. More often than not, they gang up on a particular individual.

Steps that can be taken

Strict measures should be taken, without doubt, to combat cyberbullying. Mention the ones that have already been undertaken by the Government and how effective they have been in curbing the frequency of it. Also, do not hesitate to come up with new and innovative solutions of your own that you think might be of importance in the good war against cyberbullying.

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